Istanbul – a Lifetime Is Not Enough!

If anyone tells you that they know Istanbul well that means they have no idea what this city is all about! Knowing Istanbul well is nearly impossible. The city is enormous, diverse, chaotic, extremely charming and ever changing!

The first time I went there it was for a business presentation and I got terrified and begged my boss to never send me back again. Well, that didn’t work and I had to keep going bi-monthly. With every new visit I was falling in love with the place more and more and today I would say it’s my most favourite city on the planet… at least based on the modest number of 37 counties that I have had the chance to visit in my life so far.


First thing to know about Istanbul is that it’s a place where you can’t possibly get bored. It’s a place of diversity, chaos, beauty, history, art, but most of all human kindness – something that you can hardly expeience in most of the world’s huge cosmopolitan cities.

I’ve visited Istanbul hundreds of times, so my relationship with this city has long ago passed the line from rational to purely emotional. That’s why in this post I’m not going to make a list of the must-vist places and things you absolutely have to do during your long weekend in Istanbul, but I would rather write about the places that would take you out of the touristic madness and let you feel the beating heart of the world, its real atmosphere and special energy.

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